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10 Ways the belaMD Facial Will Improve Your Skin.

Oh, facials! Equal parts relaxing and therapeutic, facials hold a soft spot on our hearts in the medical aesthetic industry. This is because facials are typically everyone’s first point of entry into the skincare and anti-aging world.

A facial is more than a fluffy treatment with massages and product application. A facial is a chance for your aesthetician to get a close look at your skin, and discover any damage or problems that may not yet be visible to the naked eye. It is also a chance to have a professional opinion on what products to use to specifically target any skin concerns and what other treatments may be indicated for those concerns. During a facial, the skin is examined, thoroughly cleansed, and prepped into top shape for better absorption of products and uptake of more invasive treatments.

You’ve probably heard of Hydrafacial before…but have you heard of belaMD?

The belaMD is Hydrafacial’s top competitor…and arguably the more effective underdog in the dermalinfusion world.

The belaMD is a 6-in-1 facial device that combines 6 steps in one treatment. The result is a total rejuvenation of skin health with no downtime. Here are 10 ways the belaMD facial system can improve your skin.

  1. It deeply exfoliates. The belaMD starts by using a diamond microdermabrasion tip to gently slough off the outermost layer of the skin. Dead skin cells are removed for better absorption and uptake of the additional products and steps.
  2. It brings hydration to the skin. The belaMD uses both concentrated Hydrogen water and medical-grade serums that penetrate into the dermis (deepest skin layer) to plump and hydrate dry skin.
  3. The belaMD brightens the complexion. The belaMD brightening infusion serum is a medical-grade serum
  4. It aids in muscle toning and stimulation. The Y handpiece uses a combination of electrical pulses and massage to stimulate small muscle contractions, which aids in muscle toning and stimulation, blood flow, and drainage.
  5. It extracts clogged pores. The ultrasonic skin scrubber effectively removes dirt, oil, blackheads, and whiteheads from pores easily and painlessly.
  6. The belaMD calms inflammation. The calming serum in the device is medically-formulated to calm sensitive skin and irritation.
  7. It helps clear acne. The BelaMD also has a clearing serum used to clear the pores of sebum and kill acne bacteria.
  8. It provides powerful antioxidant infusion. Remember the concentrated Hydrogen water mentioned earlier? It is 150 times more powerful than Vitamin C in terms of its antioxidant capabilities. Yup, you read that right! If there’s anything to know about anti-aging, it’s that antioxidants are responsible for neutralizing free radicals, which are the culprits behind visible aging and skin damage.
  9. It evens skin tone and sun spots. The bio-infusion pigment serum is medically formulate to even out brown spots and pigmentation.
  10. The belaMD prepares the skin for more invasive procedures. It is a total skin rejuvenation treatment that improves overall skin health in many ways. When the skin is healthy, it is better prepared to take on more invasive treatments such as lasers, microneedling, or Morpheus8.


belaMD bioinfusion step

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