How to Find The Best Cosmetic Injector and 7 Red Flags

How do injectors gain their clientele? As a client, how do you know which one to go to when starting out?

The medical aesthetics world is largely reliant on word of mouth referrals and reputation. That being said, if you are brand new to injectables, the search can be daunting! Preconceived ideas about injectables can make it intimidating to even know where to start. In this article we will outline some things to look for in an injector, how to find one, and what warning signs to watch out for.

Search online or ask a friend.

Word of mouth referrals are almost always the best way to start! That being said, if you don’t have any recommendations from friends or family, start by doing a google or instagram search of clinics and injectors in your area.

An ideal clinic’s website should have detailed information about the injectors and their credentials. There should also be before and after photos present on the website and social media.

Read Reviews.

Take the time to read through the Google reviews. How many reviews are there? What are people saying? Does the owner respond? There will always be some bad reviews, but what are the bad reviews regarding and how did the owner respond to them?

Book a Consultation or simple procedure first.

It is always best to visit the clinic for a consultation first, or better yet, book a facial or other non-invasive procedure first. How do the staff interact with you? Are they friendly and caring? How do they look? Are they trying to upsell you constantly? Do they listen to your needs and discuss all of the treatment options? This is the time to ask all the questions and assess the knowledge level, personality, and overall vibe of the staff!

Now that we’ve gone over what to look for, it’s time to discuss what to watch out for!

7 red flags to watch out for in an injector

  1. The injector does not specialize. Injectors that specialize in injectables and cosmetic or skin procedures will always have more expertise than those who also provide other healthcare services. They have an eye for aesthetics and symmetry due to the amount of injections they perform daily. They will also be more confident in managing complications.
  2. Their credentials are unclear. If you have to ask what their title is, that may be an indication they are not properly trained.
  3. Their prices are extremely low. Prices that are too low indicate a need for clients or low level of experience. In general, anything under $7 per unit of neuromodulator or $500 per syringe of filler in Canada should be cause for concern.
  4. They can’t show before and after photos. If they don’t have before and after photos of their work, how will you know what results they can give?
  5. They never say no to more. A good injector will tell you no at some point! There is a limit to what injectables can do, and it is common for clients to start chasing more once they start. It’s important for an injector to be able to say no, and turn down profit in the name of maintaining good results.
  6. They look overdone or ‘off’. If there is something different about your injector’s face, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, that may not be a great sign. If their face looks puffy or disproportionate, there is a good chance that they may treat their patients the same way.
  7. They never recommend other treatments other than injectables. As previously mentioned, there is a limit to what injectables can do. Sometimes all that is needed is a good eye cream, not filler. Sometimes microneedling or lasers may get the result someone is after, not injectables. A good injector is able to refer to other services if necessary.